Liposuction NYC

When you’re plagued by stubborn pockets of fat, and diet and exercise simply aren’t helping, liposuction may be your ideal solution. With an ability to remove unwanted fat while sculpting a slender and toned contour, Dr. Scarpidis elevates liposuction to an art form – beautifying your body and bolstering confidence by performing some of the best liposuction NYC has to offer.

A true artist’s approach to liposuction

Though liposuction is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgeries, it still requires an experienced and artistic hand. As such, when Dr. Scarpidis performs liposuction in NYC in his luxurious office, he does so with care and the utmost attention to detail. In addition to considering your problem areas – such as your thighs, abdomen, hips or back – he also takes into account your entire body as a whole. From this holistic view, he calls upon his artistic perspective and knowledge of proportionate body shapes to identify the best way to sculpt your figure and achieve the smooth and toned contour you're looking for.

The medical professional chosen to perform liposuction is an important decision; liposuction, when performed by a less-skilled doctor can leave the areas treated lumpy, uneven, or appear as if areas have been gouged. Removing unwanted fat deposits with liposuction is a procedure that must be carefully and correctly performed, and with the most advanced equipment and techniques to achieve a smoother result.

Liposuction NYC

Liposuction Treatment Areas

In the quest to sculpt your ideal body, there are likely many different features you’d like to improve. For example, maybe you’d like to sculpt defined abs, achieve toned arms or contour slim and athletic thighs. It can be difficult to address all of these problem areas through diet and exercise alone – which is why liposuction with Dr. Scarpidis in New York offers the ideal solution.


Many of our patients require liposuction of the abdomen, because it’s common for weight gain, pregnancy and the aging process to result in unwanted flab in this area. When this occurs, liposuction is very effective in removing unwanted fat from your belly, flanks and waist – giving you the proportionate and sculpted figure you deserve.


When working on their ideal physique, many of our patients hit a wall when attempting to achieve toned and slender arms through diet and exercise alone. This is because the arms can easily accumulate excess fat through the aging process and weight gain – and in some cases liposuction may be the best solution.


If you suffer from unsightly pockets of fat on your upper and/or lower back, you’re in luck. While this area of the body is typically difficult to treat with diet and exercise, it does respond extremely well to liposuction. During your procedure, Dr. Scarpidis can correct bulges of fat around the bra line, rolls of fat along the back and a disproportionate appearance – giving you an athletic and streamlined look you’re proud to show off.


Many of Dr. Scarpidis’ patients want a round, firm and toned butt – but they’re unable to achieve the look they’re after at the gym. Fortunately, that’s where an artfully performed New York liposuction surgery with Dr. Scarpidis comes in. During the procedure, he will focus on enhancing your behind by bringing balance to the thighs, hips and flanks, in addition to sculpting the buttocks. Using this holistic approach, he’s able to achieve the shapely and contoured backside you desire.


Defined hips are key indicators of your femininity. They create an exquisite hourglass shape, enhance the buttocks and are universally beautiful. Unfortunately, when they develop unsightly pockets of fat, they create a heavier look and can make shopping for jeans feel impossible. Because this area is commonly resistant to diet and exercise, in many cases hip liposuction with Dr. Scarpidis is the most effective way to define your hips and achieve a more slim and contoured physique.


When Dr. Scarpidis performs chest liposuction, it’s typically to treat a very common condition affecting males called gynecomastia, which is characterized by the development of excess tissue and fatty deposits in the breasts. As a medical condition, gynecomastia frequently cannot be resolved through diet and exercise, and a male breast reduction – often using liposuction – is the only way to firm the chest and restore a masculine contour.


The thighs can have a profound impact on a woman’s body. At their best, they give you curves and a beautiful shape. But, when they accumulate excess fat, they can contribute to a heavy and disproportionate appearance. When this occurs, few surgeons are more qualified than Dr. Scarpidis to shape the thighs and create sensual legs that you can’t wait to show off.

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Are you a candidate for liposuction?

Many men and women consider liposuction as a way to help them achieve their ideal body – but the procedure isn’t necessarily right for everyone. In general, you can be considered an ideal candidate for liposuction if you:

  • Are close to your ideal weight.
  • Understand that liposuction is not intended for dramatic weight loss – it’s for removing stubborn pockets of fat and refining your body shape.
  • Are in good general health.
  • Are committed to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Have been unable to achieve your ideal body through diet and exercise alone.

Types of Liposuction.

The liposuction procedure has changed dramatically in recent years, and there’s no longer a “one-size-fits-all” approach to fat reduction. Today, patients have countless ways to reduce unwanted fat, smooth unsightly bulges and sculpt a toned body contour. From traditional to laser to tumescent liposuction, the possibilities are endless. But with so many liposuction options to choose from, making a decision can be challenging. Fortunately, it’s not a choice you have to make alone. Well-versed regarding the pros and cons of each option, Dr. Scarpidis will provide you with invaluable insight and personalized guidance regarding which treatment (or custom blend of procedures) will best accomplish the fit and toned body contour you desire.

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Liposuction FAQ.

Before undergoing liposuction in Manhattan, patients understandably have a number of questions regarding the procedure’s safety, as well as what to expect before, during and after treatment. That’s why we’ve put together our liposuction FAQ page – a resource that answers the questions we receive most frequently about this powerful procedure.

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Qualifications and experience matter.

Dr. Ulysses H. Scarpidis is a Board Certified plastic surgeon in NYC, who is committed to providing his patients with the most effective, advanced treatments and technologies currently available. When considering body contouring, sculpting or liposuction in Manhattan, the procedures employed can make a significant difference in the outcome. Dr. Scarpidis has been engaged in clinical studies for laser liposuction, and has been called upon to present the guidelines for safe and effective use of this advanced procedure at many national plastic surgery conferences. Your body will be in good hands at our clinic, where results and patient safety are the focus in every treatment we perform, including liposuction.

Body sculpting technology

Modern technology allows us to reshape and re-contour our bodies to achieve a more ideal shape. Genetics plays a big role in how and where fat is stored in our bodies. Thankfully, with liposuction and other body contouring procedures, we can enhance and improve what nature gave us. Stubborn fat deposits may be impossible to resolve, even with a strict diet and an exercise regimen. That’s when it is time to learn more about modern fat removal techniques. When those stubborn fatty areas are finally slim and trim, your self-confidence and feelings of well-being can skyrocket. Nothing is more rewarding than feeling confident in your body shape, and in the ability to wear the clothes you want – and show off your trimmer, fitter, body.

Real solutions for advanced body contouring

Best Liposuction New York City

As a board-certified plastic surgeon and New York City liposuction specialist, Dr. Scarpidis has all of the latest technologies at his fingertips, as well as experience and knowledge that is beyond the ordinary. When considering body sculpting that involves fat removal, it could not be more important that you are treated by a skilled plastic surgeon who understands what you envision for yourself, and who has the highest level of honesty and integrity. When you need to find a real solution to change and improve your body shape, he will take the time to discuss all of your options, and to create a customized treatment plan geared to help you achieve what you envision.

Strengthen Your Results With Personal Training

At Scarpidis Aesthetics, we go one step beyond a superlative surgical experience. For our New York patients, we offer personal training services for those who have recently undergone body contouring. Too frequently, we have seen patients use surgery as a presumed “cure-all” for their physique, failing to alter their lifestyle, regaining the weight. With our personal training services, our aim is to help patients find a new routine, giving them health and beauty for a long time to come.

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If you’re considering undergoing among the best liposuction NYC has to offer, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scarpidis today. During your private meeting in his midtown NYC office, he will carefully evaluate your problem areas, before outlining a customized treatment plan designed to smooth unsightly bulges, eliminate unwanted fat and sculpt the fit and toned body you’ve always wanted. You can also visit his NYC Liposuction Center website to get more information on this procedure.

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