Broken Capillaries

Capillaries are tiny branches of blood vessels, the smallest in the circulatory system. They are present in every area of the body, from the skin to the deepest tissue. Unfortunately, heredity, sun damage, rosacea, pregnancy, and various other factors can impact the system, leaving the capillaries distended and visible. One the face, these visible capillaries can be unsightly, appearing on cheeks and the nose area. Modern aesthetic technology has made it possible to resolve broken capillaries, and return your skin to a fresh, even tone, free from unsightly spider veins. The results can be a dramatic improvement, giving your face a fresher, more youthful look, without visible flaws.

What Causes Broken Capillaries?

As we age, these jagged red, purple, or blue lines can appear, most commonly on the face and legs. Healthy veins work to deliver blood to the heart with natural valves that cause the blood to flow in one direction. Certain issues lead to the valves functioning incorrectly, allowing the blood to pool, distending the capillaries. As they grow larger, they become visible. Some conditions that lead to broken capillaries include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Aging
  • Long periods of standing (common in teachers, healthcare providers, etc.)
  • Obesity
  • Prior trauma (surgery or other)
  • Genetic factors

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Jane - Lead Medical Aesthetician at Scarpidis Aesthetics

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Treatment for Broken Capillaries

The location of the broken capillaries will determine the most appropriate treatment for your individual situation. Many cases can be successfully treated with the Icon Aesthetic System, a 30-minute treatment. This light-based technology treats the targeted capillaries without damaging other tissue. It involves only minor discomfort, which is easily managed, and no downtime. The difference in facial appearance, once the unsightly spider veins are gone, can be significant. Our patients report feeling far more confident and attractive after the condition has been resolved.

Broken Capillaries on the Face

Broken capillaries are actually not “broken.” They are tiny blood vessels that have become permanently dilated. As they are larger and closer to the surface of the skin, they cause it to bulge outwards from the pressure of the blood -- and are visible as blue lines. They are often collected around the nose area and cheeks, but can appear in any area of the face. People who suffer from this condition are typically very unhappy with it, and may use various types of cosmetics to attempt to hide the problem. Unfortunately, it can be almost impossible to disguise broken capillaries with makeup. If you have broken capillaries on your face, we have treatments that have been proven to be effective, safe, and non-invasive.

Broken Capillaries on the Legs: Spider Veins

If the broken capillaries (which are actually just distended) appear on the legs, it can limit the types of clothing you feel comfortable wearing. If you shy away from wearing sundresses, shorts, or other revealing summer clothing due to visible spider veins, something can be done to treat the condition, giving you the freedom to wear exactly what you want.

Treatments: Spider Veins, Broken Capillaries

For broken capillaries in the face or legs, we use one of the most effective, cutting-edge laser treatments, called the Cutera Excel V Laser. This revolutionary system can treat large, twisted blue veins as well as smaller spider veins. The system is an effective treatment for broken capillaries on the face or legs, and has many other applications, including treating rosacea, brown spots, acne scars, wrinkles, and more. To resolve spider veins, the high-powered green laser light is directed into the targeted area. The treatment is fast, has no downtime, and is extremely effective. Our patients have been thrilled to finally resolve the unsightly appearance of visible veins, no matter where they appear on the body.

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