Acne Scar Treatments NYC

You don’t have to continue living with unsightly scars forever. By applying the most advanced laser technology available, Dr. Scarpidis can give you back your clear and blemish-free skin with his acne scar treatments in NYC.

What causes scars to form?

Scars develop when the deepest layer of the skin (the dermis) is damaged, as often happens after surgery or due to acne. In response, the body forms fresh collagen to heal the damage—but the result is often a scar that possesses a texture and quality that is different from the surrounding tissue.

Scars can appear flat, raised, sunken or pitted. Regardless of their appearance, they’re unsightly blemishes that detract from your overall look and can have a profound impact on your self-esteem. When this occurs, surgical or non-surgical acne scar treatment in New York with Dr. Scarpidis can dramatically improve their appearance, so you can enjoy the radiant complexion you deserve.

The scar treatments procedure

Most scars can be significantly reduced during just a few quick and simple treatments performed in Dr. Scarpidis’ state-of-the-art New York office, using the powerful Icon Aesthetic System. During the procedure, Dr. Scarpidis will move the Icon laser over your scar, targeting and healing the damaged skin. In this way, the energy from the laser will promote the growth of fresh skin cells to replace the scar tissue, causing your marks to disappear and beautiful, clear and undamaged skin to emerge.

Throughout your acne scar treatments in NYC, you may experience some mild discomfort while the laser is being applied, though it should be easy to tolerate. In general, most of our patients need three to seven 30-minute sessions to produce results, though you may require more or less depending on the severity of your marks. After your session, it is normal to experience some redness and swelling in the treatment area, though it will subside naturally within a few days. As a completely non-invasive and safe procedure, you will be able to resume your normal activities immediately after treatment.

Benefits of scar treatments with Dr. Scarpidis

There’s a reason why patients all over New York City seek out Dr. Scarpidis to remove their scars. His surgical and acne scar treatment offers a number of appealing benefits, including:

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No downtime

A gentle procedure, scar treatment with Dr. Scarpidis is associated with virtually no downtime and an immediate return to your normal daily routine.

Quick, non-invasive and comfortable

Other scar treatments methods require surgery or a more aggressive laser to achieve optimal results. But with the innovative Icon Aesthetic System, Dr. Scarpidis can remove your scar much more quickly, and without the pain and recovery period associated with the more invasive options.

Dramatic results

Scar treatments with Dr. Scarpidis routinely results in a dramatic – if not complete – improvement in the appearance of your scars, permanently restoring your smooth, clear and blemish-free complexion.

Schedule a consultation

If you’re ready to say goodbye to unsightly scars, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scarpidis today. During your private meeting in his New York office, he will carefully evaluate your acne scars before outlining a customized treatment plan designed to restore clear and beautiful skin.

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