Understanding tumescent liposuction

If you struggle with unwanted fat deposits that do not seem to respond to diet or exercise, our NYC liposuction can offer a safe, effective option for slimming and toning the torso. Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the US, and in the hands of an experienced board certified surgeon such as Dr. Scarpidis, it can significantly improve your aesthetic appearance in addition to boosting self-confidence and improving quality of life.

Tumescent liposuction stems from the word “swollen,” and refers to a lidocaine and adrenaline based solution that is injected into the fat layers before suctioning with the cannula. The solution makes the fat deposits swell up to become firm and more visible so they can be easily removed. The built in anesthesia allows patients to undergo suctioning with minimal discomfort.

What are the advantages of the tumescent technique?

Because tumescent lipo does not require general anesthesia or IV sedation, but instead relies upon topical injected numbing agents, much of the risk of complications is eliminated, making the procedure highly safe for most patients. Blood loss is reduced significantly, thanks to the epinephrine in the fluid. Tumescent liposuction also produces limited bruising for the client, as all remaining traces of blood will drain from the body with the solution over the course of several days. In general, bruising is almost non-existent after a week.

What can I expect from tumescent lipo?

The procedure will take approximately 1-2 hours depending on the extent of the work that needs to be done. Dr. Scarpidis will create tiny, camouflaged incisions at your target areas just wide enough to incorporate the cannula. These incisions tend to heal with minimal scarring and become barely visible within a short amount of time.

Before applying the cannula, the doctor will inject you with the anesthetic-based solution that swells your fat zones for easier detection and eradication. Once the fluid is evenly distributed, he will suction out the fat cells with the cannula.


As mentioned earlier, bruising, tenderness and swelling are greatly reduced with the tumescent technique, which minimizes blood loss. Nevertheless, some discomfort is to be expected as with any cosmetic procedure. You may be asked to wear a compression garment for several weeks to keep any swelling in check, and to help preserve your excellent new contours as the body heals.

What will my results be like?

Although results will invariably differ from one client to the next, most of Dr. Scarpidis’ NYC patients find that tumescent liposuction will achieve their fat loss goals within a single session.

Why choose Scarpidis Aesthetics?

Tumescent liposuction will have the best outcome when it is performed by a qualified, board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Scarpidis who has carefully trained his eye to create the most harmonious and natural aesthetic possible for each unique client. The doctor has performed hundreds of successful liposuction procedures and is considered to be among the best body contouring surgeon in the NYC area by peers and patients alike.

Where will my treatment take place?

Tumescent liposuction takes places at our beautiful accredited outpatient medical center, Scarpidis Aesthetics. This immaculate facility provides all the same state-of-the-art equipment, world-class technology and stringent safety protocols as your local hospital, only with the added elements of greater privacy, comfort and convenience. From our luxurious, climate-adjusted reception areas to our surgical theater and tranquil recovery suites, we aim to make your stay one of healing, reward and relaxation.

Dr. Scarpidis has assembled one of the sharpest, most considerate teams in New York City to assist you during your procedure. Each of our RN’s, medical assistants and technicians is highly trained and an expert in their field, delivering outstanding, personalized care in a peaceful setting.

How can I get started?

If you are like the average client, you may have a ton of questions regarding tumescent liposuction and whether it is right for your needs. Dr. Scarpidis can meet with you for an initial confidential consultation at his Manhattan offices and address all your concerns in depth. He will explain the merits of the various forms of lipo and help you to decide which is the best for your goals. He will also go over costs, risks and benefits, and what to expect from the recovery process.

A thorough review of your medical history and previous cosmetic procedures is part of your consultation, along with an examination of your troublesome fatty zones. By the end of the session, Dr. Scarpidis will be able to formulate an effective treatment plan that targets your needs and best achieves your aesthetic goals.

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If you’re ready to rejuvenate your appearance so you can look and feel your very best, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scarpidis today. During your private meeting in his midtown office, Dr. Scarpidis will thoroughly discuss your cosmetic goals, concerns and desires, before outlining a customized treatment plan designed to address the issues that concern you most. From there, he will guide you through making an informed decision that is in your best interest and will result in the precise aesthetic enhancements you desire.

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