Scar revision

Most people have visible scars of one sort or another, and all of them are entirely unique. Often times people find their scars to be a source of embarrassment or feel that visible scars draw attention. This is especially true with facial scars, whether acne scarring, or scars from an accident or past surgery. Often if a wound or injury hasn’t healed well, it can cause physical discomfort as well, as the scar may be irritating or restrict motion.

There are many ways that scars can be revised to make them less apparent and there are also ways to manage them. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Scarpidis to discuss your options for scar revision in NYC.

What are the different kinds of scars?

Scars can be categorized by a few characteristics.

  • Small scars that have a slight discoloration or can be felt as an unevenness on the skin’s surface, such as acne scars. These scars do not cause any physical discomfort.
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  • Stretch marks can be small or large scars that occur when the skin cannot develop at a fast enough rate to accommodate your body’s physical growth.
  • Hypertrophic scars, which are thicker and wider than they should be due to irregular healing. They can also be heavily pigmented and uncomfortable.
  • Keloid scars occur from an overgrowth of tissue. They are raised and can be significantly larger than the original wound.
  • Contractures are scars that occur around a joint and restrict movement or where the skin and other tissues have fused together such as when there is a significant loss of skin. Contractures can typically be seen on areas where someone has experienced a significant burn.

The type of scar you have will determine the procedure or approach suggested by Dr. Scarpidis that will help to create a less visible appearance to your scar or reduce any discomfort that is associated with the scar.

What kinds of procedures are available?

Dr. Scarpidis may suggest a specific procedure or a combination of scar treatments, depending on the type of scar you are having treated.

Potential scar revision techniques or scar improvement treatments could include:

Scar Treatment NYC
  • Laser therapies to change the surface appearance of the scar
  • Dermabrasion or chemical peel solutions to soften the superficial appearance of scars
  • Skin bleaching agents which can lighten the color of the scar
  • Injectable solutions to fill in hollow spaces left by scars
  • Surgical revisions which have a variety of techniques depending on the size and shape of the scar

What is the recovery period like after surgical scar revision?

Any incisions used in surgical scar revision will require up to 6 weeks to heal and depending on the extent of the surgery required it may be suggested that physical activity be reduced for a period of time after surgery. Other surgeries that involve skin grafting may take longer to heal and will have their own special post-op care instructions to help them heal properly.

Scar management

Scar management NYC

It can often take scars a long time to heal or reduce in appearance after surgery or an injury. Incision sites after your scar revision surgery can take up to six weeks to properly close and at this time the scar will be at its most apparent if the site is healing properly.

Dr. Scarpidis will suggest a scar management routine that may involve massage and topical treatments that will aid in the healing of the scar. Sunscreen is usually suggested as well to keep the scar from darkening.

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Can I make my scar go away?

This depends on the size and depth of the scar. Scars can typically be revised or treated in such a way that their appearance is subtler and more aesthetic. Smaller scars can sometimes be addressed by certain treatments so that you have to look very hard to notice them at all.

How do I know which procedure is best for my particular scar?

Dr. Scarpidis can help you to determine which procedure would best suit the needs of your scar after looking at size, depth and characteristics. There is always something that can be done to help alleviate discomfort and to create a cosmetically superior appearance.

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