If you have been troubled by hair loss but are reluctant to resort to a surgical procedure or medication to treat the problem, the hair growth supplement Nutrafol NYC may be the solution that you have been looking for.

Nutrafol is one of the newest and exciting new options for men and women who long to do something effective about thinning hair. In fact, if you haven’t been keeping up with the science on this subject, you may not even be aware that Nutrafol exists.

It’s based on recent discoveries that are changing old notions about the causes of hair loss and leading to new ideas about the best ways to address a problem that plagues men and women alike.

Nutraceutical Hair Vitamins

Nutrafol is a “nutraceutical” – a compound that is entirely drug-free and composed only of medical grade botanical ingredients that have been clinically tested. In fact, Nutrafol is the first nutraceutical hair vitamin, possible only through scientific advances in understanding the factors that lead to hair loss in men and women.

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Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss can be triggered by a variety of factors, both internal and external. The exact triggers, or combinations of factors, vary from individual to individual.

The causes of hair loss that can be characterized as “internal” can include natural consequences of the aging process, hormonal factors and stress, as well as diet and nutrition. External triggers of hair loss include exposure to toxic materials and UV exposure. At times, products and techniques that are employed to style or train the hair can also contribute to hair loss.

A New Approach to a Thicker Head of Hair

Nutrafol’s approach to restoring healthy hair is based on several new ideas and discoveries about hair loss. Rather than targeting a single factor such as the hormone DHT—found in both men and women and thought to shrink hair follicles, making it difficult for hair to survive—Nutrafol treats hair as a “mini organ” with cycles of growth and regeneration that can be affected by multiple factors.

This unique and clinically-tested nutraceutical hair vitamin addresses both the external and internal factors that can lead to thinning hair, from genetic causes (hormones) to dietary deficiencies and the impacts of chemical pollution

A Comprehensive Hair Growth Supplement: Nutrafol

Nutrafol NYC uses plant power to address the factors leading to hair loss from several directions at the same time. Its ingredients work together to:

  • Improve the function of the molecules that send signals for hair to grow or go into regression.
  • Improve delivery and absorption of nutrients necessary to hair health.

The plants included in this groundbreaking hair loss supplement are powerful healing agents, with well-established healing effects including boosting the immune system, combatting the effects of aging, improving blood flow and increasing scalp health. Together, they have a significant impact on the entire “ecosystem” that is necessary to maintain optimum hair growth and health.

No Surgery, No Implants, No Drugs – Stimulate Hair Growth from Within

In the best tradition of healing, Nutrafol works from within, working to restore proper function of the biological system behind the full, healthy head of hair that you want to achieve. Years of research have led to a formula whose ingredients not only support hair growth but also help to create conditions that can enable new growth to remain viable.

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Nutrafol NYC enables you to benefit from advances in biotechnology that make all of this possible. Your journey to a thicker head of hair does not have to involve impacting your health with surgery, medications, or other strategy. Today, Nutrafol offers men and women alike a 100 percent drug-free method that draws upon the healing power of plants to achieve significant improvements in hair health. Speak with us at Scarpidis Aesthetics to learn more about some of the best natural hair loss treatments NYC has to offer and discover the range of other anti-aging treatments we provide.

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