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Back fat can be embarrassing, and overly-large or boxy-shaped buttocks can detract from the overall silhouette and proportions of the body. Unfortunately, these problem areas can be difficult to correct with diet and exercise alone. At Scarpidis Aesthetics, we perform some of the best back & butt liposuction NYC has to offer, removing precise amounts of excess fat in the right places to sculpt a slimmer, shapelier back and derriere.

Who Is a Good Candidate
for Back & Butt Liposuction?

Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure. The best candidates for back and butt liposuction are patients in good health who are at or near their ideal weight and maintaining a stable weight. This procedure is often recommended for women with disproportionate or overly large buttocks or who want to reduce unsightly bra and back bulges.

Men who want a lean, athletic physique but can’t seem to win the battle of the bulge may benefit from back liposuction. In the hands of our skilled plastic surgeon, this procedure is excellent for removing love handles and lower back fat.

Overview of Butt Liposuction

Butt liposuction NYC

NYC butt liposuction does not usually involve liposuction of the buttocks alone. Dr. Scarpidis takes a comprehensive approach to sculpt the perfect butt shape and proportions. This typically involves treatment of the areas surrounding the buttocks, including the hips, lower back, flanks, and thighs.

Creating a curvy derrière involves framing the buttocks well. For patients with an overly-large rear who require fat removal in the buttocks itself, Dr. Scarpidis still addresses the surrounding areas to enhance the shape of the butt.

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Overview of Back Liposuction

NYC back liposuction is performed to correct unsightly rolls, bulges, and fat deposits in the back. After this treatment, our patients have tighter skin and a slimmer overall physique. Their clothes fit better and their self-confidence is typically improved.

The back is one of the areas where genetics may predispose men and women to develop localized fat deposits that are difficult to reduce with diet and exercise alone. Back liposuction is an effective procedure to correct:

  • Disproportionate appearance of the back
  • Back fat rolls
  • Bulges of fat around the bra

How Are Back & Butt Liposuction Performed?

Tumescent back liposuction can be performed under local anesthesia, for less risk and a faster recovery. Dr. Scarpidis uses a special cannula (thin metal tube) inserted through small, strategically placed incisions, to break up fat cells, which are then suctioned out of the body. He addresses the lower back, mid back, and upper to deliver consistent, natural-looking results.

Back Liposuction

The back may be an area prone to stubborn fat deposits, but, fortunately, it responds well to liposuction treatments. Several advanced liposuction techniques are available today. The technique most commonly used on the back is tumescent liposuction.

In this back liposuction New York procedure, the area to be treated is injected with a large volume of fluid – saline solution containing lidocaine (a local anesthetic) and epinephrine (synthetic adrenaline). This solution:

  • Causes the fat to swell and become firmer and easier to remove
  • Constricts blood vessels to significantly reduce bleeding and bruising
  • Provides long-lasting anesthetic for the patient

Butt Liposuction

Performing some of the best butt liposuction New York has to offer requires skill and artistry and an eye for the female or male anatomy. At Scarpidis Aesthetics, this procedure is tailored to each individual patient. It can also be performed under local anesthesia.

A tiny cannula designed for suctioning out fat is inserted through small, discreetly placed incisions. For many patients, liposuction will be performed on the areas immediately surrounding the buttocks more than on the buttocks themselves.

Several options are available for liposuction techniques on the buttocks. Dr. Scarpidis may recommend tumescent liposuction, SmartLipo (laser-assisted liposuction that melts the fat away), or various other cutting-edge liposuction techniques. In crafting a treatment plan, he considers all aspects of your case, including skin elasticity and body proportions.

Recovery from Back & Butt Liposuction

Plan to take several days off work after a back and butt liposuction procedure. This is particularly true if the job requires sitting for long periods at a time. You will need to sleep and rest on your stomach during your recovery.

You may resume normal activities within a few days of the procedure. Patients are encouraged to walk to improve circulation and promote healing. Final results of your newly contoured back and buttocks may be enjoyed in several weeks when the swelling from the procedure has subsided completely.

Why Have Back & Butt Liposuction?

Aging, genetics, and weight gain can lead to deposits of stubborn fat that resist all fitness efforts in the back, hips, buttocks, and thighs. Using back and butt liposuction in New York, we can sculpt a shapelier back and derrière at Scarpidis Aesthetics to dramatically improve your overall physique. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Scarpidis to find out if you are a candidate for this procedure.

Strengthen Your Results With Personal Training

At Scarpidis Aesthetics, we go one step beyond a superlative surgical experience. For our New York patients, we offer personal training services for those who have recently undergone body contouring. Too frequently, we have seen patients use surgery as a presumed “cure-all” for their physique, failing to alter their lifestyle, regaining the weight. With our personal training services, our aim is to help patients find a new routine, giving them health and beauty for a long time to come.

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