DermaFrac is a microneedling treatment that combines the rejuvenating qualities skin-nourishing serums with the microneedling procedure. As the microneedling device opens channels in your skin, the serums can penetrate and infuse for superior results. PRP may be combined with this treatment to promote natural skin regeneration.

What is DermaFrac and how does it work?

DermaFrac is a microneedling treatment that is delivered by one of our highly-trained skincare professionals. First, the specific condition of your skin is assessed and discussed so that a serum can be selected that will be most beneficial for your skin. This serum is infused as the microneedling device penetrates your skin, allowing the serum to enter the dermis and get to work enhancing your skin from within. We also combine the use of PRP with DermaFrac to enhance healing.

What is PRP?

PRP is “platelet rich plasma,” which is extracted from a small sample of your blood prior to being administered to your skin. PRP is rich in platelets and growth factors, the proteins that are responsible for the various aspects of natural healing. By combining PRP with microneedling, the PRP penetrates more deeply into the skin layers than when applied topically. With the micro-injuries caused by the needles, the skin moves into a natural healing phase. The PRP then enhances the effects of this healing by providing a higher abundance of natural healing growth factors.

What are the treatment serums used?

The treatment serums that can be combined with microneedling include:

  • Hydrate: This serum uses the properties of hyaluronic acid to bring moisture into the deeper layers of your skin.
  • Clarify: For people who suffer from clogged pores, this solution combines the properties of salicylic acid and lactic acid to open clogged pores, reduce bacteria within the pores, and to reduce congestion and acne breakouts.
  • Rejuvenate: This serum combines a few active ingredients that stimulate collagen production and help to relax the muscles just below the skin to smooth and firm the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Lighten: This serum acts to suppress the pigmentation in your skin. It also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that may help to alleviate certain skin conditions.
  • Growth Factors: This serum helps to increase healing.
  • Vitamin C: This serum targets free radicals that can damage your skin.

What kind of benefits are associated with the DermaFrac treatments?

The DermaFrac treatment has some incredible benefits, including:

  • Targets specific skin conditions for a custom treatment
  • Stimulates healing in the skin, especially when combined with PRP
  • Tightens and restores a youthful quality to your facial skin
  • Creates clearer, brighter looking skin
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Treats sun-damaged skin
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Quick and relaxing treatment with no downtime

What is the DermaFrac treatment like?

The DermaFrac treatment is an easy and relaxing treatment that allows you to lay back and have your skin tended to. The DermaFrac device uses gentle suction to lift the skin closer to the microneedling roller head for an even result. The appropriate serum is placed into the hand held device and infused gently into the micro-channels created by the tiny needles. After treatment your face may be slightly reddened, but this subsides in most cases, within the day.

When will I see results?

Results will develop over the course of the following weeks as collagen production is boosted, and natural healing occurs. The serum chosen for your treatment will begin to take effect immediately, with the desired results becoming visible in the days and weeks ahead. For the best results, schedule regular treatments. Especially in the case of those who want to address acne scarring, or to treat active acne, multiple treatments may be required to deliver full results.

Why should I choose Scarpidis Aesthetics?

Our staff at Scarpidis Aesthetics are a world-class team of cosmetic enhancement and wellness professionals. With DermaFrac, our team is offering a skin enhancement solution that targets specific skin concerns that affect almost every person, including aging, sun damage, breakouts, dull skin, and flaws. Every person that comes here has unique requirements and create an individualized treatment with our skincare treatment, including with DermaFrac. Dr. Scarpidis and his team have gained a reputation for excellence and can deliver DermaFrac treatments to enhance your skin wellness and enhancement routine.

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