Leg Veins

Visible leg veins are unsightly and most people who have them hide them with clothing. If you have visible leg veins and dream of a time when you could wear exactly what you want, we can help. Recent developments in aesthetic technology can make it possible to finally get rid of unsightly leg veins. At Scarpidis Aesthetics, we focus on providing our clients with the most effective treatments and procedures for a range of cosmetic issues and flaws, including resolving visible leg veins.

Types of Visible Leg Veins

Varicose Veins: Varicose veins are the larger, raised blood vessels, most often appearing on the legs. They are visible, creating a lumpy, bumpy, appearance, with the vessels snaking in various directions. They can appear in clumps, or in twists and turns on the legs. They are often painful and most people who have them feel they are unattractive.

Spider Veins: Spider veins are smaller blood vessels that can appear on legs and face, twisting and turning, marring the appearance of the legs. They are visible, appearing to be blue, purple, or red.

Broken Capillaries: Although often called “broken capillaries,” this condition is actually a distended capillary that has grown due to a system failure in which the natural flow of blood flows back, making these tiny vessels larger. As they expand in size, filled with blood, they become visible under the skin.

Removing Leg Veins Without Surgery: Laser Treatment

At Scarpidis Aesthetics, we offer one of the most advanced, non-surgical treatments for leg veins, the Cutera Excel V laser. The system is revolutionary, producing results immediately. Visible leg veins can disappear at once, rather than requiring weeks to fade. This treatment goes above and beyond in results, and we are excited to be able to offer this treatment to our patients who want to finally resolve unsightly, visible leg veins.

Laser Leg Vein Removal in New York: Scarpidis Aesthetics

The Cutera Excel V laser produces a high-powered green laser light, which is absorbed into the veins being treated, heating them. As the heat is applied, the wall of the vein collapses, stopping the flow of blood and ending the appearance of the visible vein. Want smooth, clear, vein-free legs? This treatment accomplishes the goal quickly and effectively.

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Jane - Lead Medical Aesthetician at Scarpidis Aesthetics

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How Does Leg Vein Removal Work?

The system works by delivering pulses of light energy into the leg vein, which serves to destroy the vessel (don’t worry – you have plenty), which is then reabsorbed by the body’s natural elimination process. The blood that had pooled in the area, creating the unsightly appearance, then flows into the veins deeper in the tissue – where it should be. The treatment is easy to tolerate, and feels like a slight sting. The system uses a special cooling aspect to make it comfortable. After treatment, there is no pain and no side effects. It takes only ten to fifteen minutes to perform for most clients. There is no downtime, although there could be redness, mild swelling or bruising which quickly fades, usually over 48 hours.

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