The nose is one of the most distinguishing facial features. As such, it must be balanced and proportionate in order to enhance – rather than detract from – one’s natural beauty. When congenital factors and cosmetic imperfections have left you with a nose that doesn’t quite fit your face, few surgeons are more qualified than Dr. Scarpidis to correct the issues that concern you most and sculpt your ideal facial appearance.

What cosmetic issues can a rhinoplasty address?

An extremely popular plastic surgery procedure, a rhinoplasty can dramatically improve your facial appearance by:

  • Reducing the size of an overly large and prominent nose.
  • Straightening a crooked nose.
  • Improving the appearance of a hooked nose.
  • Reducing a nasal hump.
  • Correcting a bulbous tip.
  • Narrowing nostrils that are too wide.

Dr. Scarpidis’ approach to rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is an extremely delicate surgery. As such, it requires the touch of an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Scarpidis, who has a deep understanding of the nuances associated with this challenging procedure.

Unlike other surgeons, Dr. Scarpidis doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to rhinoplasty. Rather, he seeks to define each individual’s ideal nose, based on their unique facial anatomy and contours. This personalized approach is what allows him to routinely sculpt noses that are not only objectively exquisite – but also look and feel as though they naturally belong on the patient’s face.

The rhinoplasty procedure

Your NYC rhinoplasty will be performed under general anesthesia – which will ensure your complete comfort and safety throughout surgery. To begin the procedure, Dr. Scarpidis will choose from either an open or closed incision option. In an open rhinoplasty, incisions will be made inside the nose and along the skin in between the nostrils. This allows Dr. Scarpidis to lift the skin and gain an unobstructed view of the underlying nasal structure. In a closed rhinoplasty, Dr. Scarpidis will only make an incision inside the nose, ensuring completely invisible scars. Choosing between these two options will be a critical part of your surgery, and Dr. Scarpidis will spend a substantial amount of time helping you make the right decision for you. Once the incision has been made, Dr. Scarpidis will begin to reshape the nasal structure – correcting any abnormalities and sculpting the nose until it’s the precise shape and size discussed during your initial consultation. Once your ideal appearance has been achieved, Dr. Scarpidis will close the incisions carefully to ensure that any resulting scars are virtually invisible once you’ve fully healed.

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Julia - Chief Plastic Surgery Specialist

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Are you a candidate for a rhinoplasty?

The best candidates for a rhinoplasty are individuals who want to transform the appearance of their nose, due to an overly large appearance, an unsightly bump, an asymmetrical look or another cosmetic imperfection. In addition, it’s important that you’re healthy, at least 16 years old and possess realistic expectations for what this surgery can accomplish.

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