Even a healthy, fit body can have cellulite deposits that create that lumpy, bumpy, “cottage cheese” look that is so distressing. Cellulite appears most commonly on the upper thighs and buttocks – and modern aesthetic developments have made it possible to restore a smoother, more even appearance to the area.

What is Cellulite? Truth Vs. Myth

There is nothing unusual about cellulite – it is simply fatty deposits in areas with less circulation, in which the fat begins to push through the structure of collagen fibers and connective tissue. This connective tissue can become less capable of maintaining structure as the body ages, or can occur in people who experience a lot of “desk time.” Muscle tone diminishes, and excess fat and lack of exercise often makes the problem worse.

Some people are predisposed to having cellulite due to hereditary factors that impact skin quality and collagen production. As the collagen fibers loosen, the fat begins to raise the area, creating a bumpy look to the area. Although many creams and treatments are available to treat the condition, they are rarely effective, if at all. The only way to smooth the area is to tighten the collagen fibers, and stimulate the body to produce more natural collagen to create a stronger structure to hold back the fat. One common myth is that cellulite is the result of toxins, which is a myth. It is simply the result of the natural structure loosening. Cellulaze can also be used as an option to treat cellulite.

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Body Sculpting Technology: Smoothing Cellulite

Body skin tightening systems vary in the results they achieve. At Scarpidis Aesthetics in New York, we have sought out the most effective treatment for cellulite – a treatment that tightens the skin and the collagen fibers. The Thermi250 is one of the latest generation of aesthetic treatments. It is FDA-approved, and highly effective as a skin tightening procedure. The Thermi250 heats tissue, and in so doing, tightens the existing collagen fibers for more strength and structure under the skin. It also triggers the body’s natural collagen production – a powerful advantage for longer term results.

Are You Ready for Smoother, Tighter Skin?

Rather than hiding areas of your body that you feel are unsightly due to cellulite, why not get the area treated so it is smoother and firmer? The lifting effect produced by the Thermi250 leaves your skin firmer, tighter, and stronger – capable of supporting the natural fat rather than letting it slip through, creating lumps and bumps. The treatment is non-surgical and minimally invasive.

How Does The Cellulite Treatment Work?

Many people are interested in body sculpting and creating the body contour they want. The appearance of cellulite is treated with a small electrode that is inserted under the skin. It heats the tissue, contracting the collagen strands that provide structure under the skin. The system uses a temperature controlled radiofrequency technology to target cellulite deposits at any location on the body.

State-of-the-Art Skin Remodeling

The Thermi250 treatment is relatively easy to tolerate. You will feel warmth and a tingling sensation somewhat like static electricity or a tiny shock. These sensations are minor, and no anesthetic is necessary. The treatment involves very little recovery, although you should avoid direct sun for 24 hours, and drink lots of water. Each session will result in visible results that improve as the days and weeks pass. Ready to remodel your body to a smoother, firmer, more lifted look, and reduce the appearance of cellulite? We can help.

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