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Perfect for targeting hard-to-treat areas throughout the body, SmartLipo in NYC with Dr. Scarpidis is a revolutionary technology that not only melts fat that is unresponsive to diet and exercise – but also enhances the contour of your figure and sculpts a more ideal physique.

The benefits of SmartLipo.

If your healthy diet and exercise plan just isn’t working to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat, Dr. Scarpidis' Smart Lipo in NYC may be your ideal solution. Also known as laser liposuction, the procedure offers a number of appealing benefits for our discerning NYC patients, including:

  • A dramatic improvement in the appearance of unwanted fat.
  • Improved skin tightening.
  • A swift recovery, with most patients returning to work the very next day.
  • Substantially less bleeding, bruising and swelling when compared to other fat reduction techniques.
  • An extremely comfortable treatment that can be performed in Dr. Scarpidis’ private NYC office with local anesthesia.

SmartLipo treatment areas.

When performed by a leading plastic surgeon like Dr. Scarpidis, SmartLipo laser liposuction in NYC can be used to treat stubborn pockets of fat throughout the body, including:


When applied to this delicate area, SmartLipo can reduce a double chin, contour the jawline and tighten the skin to combat moderate signs of aging.


Laser liposuction can reduce hard-to-treat muffin tops and love handles, creating a smooth and contoured silhouette that reflects your active lifestyle.


Laser liposuction is an ideal way to reduce stubborn fat in the midsection, revealing flat and toned abs you’ll be proud to show off.


SmartLipo is also effective in decreasing bra fat for women, and sculpting a strong and muscular back for men.


Reducing saddle bags, sculpting shapely legs and diminishing fat on the inner and outer thighs is another incredible way SmartLipo helps you achieve your ideal body.


For men who suffer from enlarged male breasts, also known as gynecomastia, SmartLipo can eliminate the excess volume and restore a flat and masculine chest.

The SmartLipo procedure.

To begin your NYC laser liposuction procedure, Dr. Scarpidis will inject a tumescent fluid containing a local anesthetic into your target areas. This solution will numb the area so you feel no pain during treatment, as well as control bleeding and make it easier to remove the unwanted fat.

From there, he will make a tiny incision in your skin, before inserting the laser into a very small tube, called a cannula. He will then insert both the cannula and the laser into the treatment area, moving the laser back and forth to melt the stubborn fat cells and then suctioning the liquid out through the cannula.

Once your NYC SmartLipo is complete, you’ll be sent home to begin the healing process. In general, we recommend resting for at least one to two days before returning to work and your normal daily routine. Though some swelling is to be expected, it should subside within a week, and your skin will be completely back to normal within three months.

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Are you a candidate for SmartLipo?

In general, SmartLipo is a safe and gentle procedure for the vast majority of our NYC patients. As long as you’re near your ideal weight, have been at a stable weight for at least six months and are committed to a healthy diet and exercise plan moving forward, there’s a strong chance that you’re an ideal candidate for this treatment. Additionally, if you are interested in traditional liposuction, you can check out our Manhattan liposuction page.

Smart Lipo NYC

Recovery from SmartLipo Laser Liposuction

SmartLipo has several noteworthy benefits, including a having a greatly reduced recovery time. In fact, most patients are able to return to work the following day – much faster than traditional lipo procedures. While each liposuction process has its advantages and uses, the fast recovery time is one of the reasons many choose to get this revolutionary procedure.

A Pain-Free Procedure

The NYC Smartlipo procedure takes an hour or two, depending upon the size and number of body areas treated. The procedure itself is not painful, as the area to be treated is numbed with a local anesthetic. The experience is described as feeling like a gentle tugging or pressure.

Aftercare is Simple

Initially, you will feel numbness in the treated areas. This diminishes quickly, usually within hours from the time of the procedure. You will experience some swelling, typically gone within a week. You will also wear a compression garment for about a week, as this improves the appearance of the areas from which unwanted fat has been removed.

Every person is unique, and will have different body areas addressed with the procedure. Dr. Scarpidis will provide you with detailed directions for aftercare, and will be carefully monitoring your recovery to ensure that it goes well. Depending upon the areas you had treated, which can be any area of the body, including face, chin, neck, abdomen, thighs, waist, buttocks, arms, calves, ankles, cheeks, jawline, chest or back, your recovery time could vary, particularly if many body areas were sculpted with this procedure.

Your Job: Rest and Recover

Your job after SmartLipo is to simply rest and recover. Plan on resting on the couch or bed, reading or watching TV. The day after your laser liposuction procedure, you will feel tired, and getting plenty of sleep will help your body to heal – take advantage of it. Ensure you have a comfortable place to rest, and have healthy snacks and water close at hand.

The final result will be achieved in about three to six months, but a remarkable improvement in your body contour will be visible within weeks. The fat cells are removed, with lasting results. Your body will still respond naturally to your calorie intake, and it is important that you maintain your new sculpted body with exercise and a healthy diet.

A Defined, Sculpted Body with Laser Liposuction

If you are ready for a more defined, youthful body contour, SmartLipo may be for you, as one of the latest and greatest procedures in non-surgical fat reduction. Not only is recovery time far shorter, it has the added advantage of tightening the skin in the area treated.

Smart Liposuction NYC

Strengthen Your Results With Personal Training

At Scarpidis Aesthetics, we go one step beyond a superlative surgical experience. For our New York patients, we offer personal training services for those who have recently undergone body contouring. Too frequently, we have seen patients use surgery as a presumed “cure-all” for their physique, failing to alter their lifestyle, regaining the weight. With our personal training services, our aim is to help patients find a new routine, giving them health and beauty for a long time to come.

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