Surgical Procedures for the Face

Some facial flaws require surgery to resolve, whether to restore a youthful appeal, or to enhance features. Dr. Scarpidis is a board-certified plastic surgeon, and a leader in the field of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments and procedures.

Facial Surgery Procedures for Anti-Aging and Cosmetic Enhancements

The facial plastic surgery procedures performed by Dr. Scarpidis include:

Facelift: A facelift should produce a natural-looking, firmer, younger facial appearance. The skill with which the procedure is performed has everything to do with the final outcome. Dr. Scarpidis is not only a highly-qualified plastic surgeon, he has an artist’s eye for balance and harmony, and can help you turn back the clock and restore a more youthful, fresh appearance.

Eyelid surgery: The delicate skin of the eyelids begin to thin, loosen, and droop with the passage of years, leavings your face looking old and tired. Eyelid surgery can restore a brighter, younger facial appearance.

Neck lift: The skin on the neck is very fine and delicate, and one of the first areas to show the signs of aging. As the skin thins and the body produces less collagen, lines and wrinkles begin to appear, creating a saggy, unattractive look. A neck lift restores a firm, fresh look to your neck, and can remove unwanted fatty deposits.

Chin augmentation: A receding chin throws off facial balance, making it less attractive and appealing. Chin augmentation surgery can bring the features into harmony, enhancing the entire facial appearance.

Rhinoplasty: A rhinoplasty, or “nose job” makes it possible to improve on what nature gave you. A nose that is too large, has a droopy or bulbous tip, or other flaw dramatically impacts the overall facial appearance. Any facial surgery must be performed by a highly-skilled plastic surgeon who has all the most advanced surgical techniques, and an eye for facial balance and harmony.

Ear surgery: Protruding ears can be embarrassing and difficult to hide. Ear surgery resolves these aesthetic problems so you can be confident in your appearance.

Laser neck and face lift: The latest advances in aesthetic surgery make it possible to lift and firm the neck without more invasive procedures. Loose skin, jowls, a double chin, and “turkey neck” can be resolved with this modern laser treatment, which tightens and firms the area, while stimulating the body’s natural collagen production.

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Julia - Chief Plastic Surgery Specialist

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Facial Surgery to Turn Back the Clock

Every person has a genetic makeup that will affect how the skin ages, wrinkles, creases, and sags. Exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun and other environmental factors also contribute to how fast the facial skin ages.

At Scarpidis Aesthetics in New York, our goal is to help our patients maintain and preserve a more youthful, fresh appearance through carefully performed facial surgery. We offer the most advanced surgical procedures at our state-of-the-art, discreet, private clinic. If you want to restore a more youthful appearance, we invite you to visit our clinic to find out which procedures will produce the look you envision.

Facial Surgery to Enhance Appearance

You may have been born with features that are unbalanced, such as a receding chin, a nose that is too large for your face, or ears that protrude. Our surgical techniques are performed to create harmony, balance, and enhance your features in a manner that appears lovely, natural – and more attractive.

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