Leg Vein Clearance

Leg veins are unsightly blemishes that can ruin your look and add years to your appearance. But the good news is, you don’t have to live with them forever. Dr. Scarpidis is proud to offer powerful leg vein clearance treatments in his state-of-the-art New York office, helping restore your clear, youthful and vein-free skin.

The leg vein clearance procedure.

We will perform your non-invasive leg vein clearance treatment using the powerful Icon Aesthetic System, which is extremely effective in treating a wide range of issues – including leg veins. Dr. Scarpidis considers it to be the ideal option for addressing veins, because it’s capable of reducing the unsightly blemishes without doing any damage to the surrounding skin. The procedure works by sending concentrated laser light directly into the problematic vein. The light is then absorbed by the blood and directed into the blood vessels, causing them to disintegrate naturally and restoring your vein-free skin.

You can expect the entire procedure to be virtually pain-free, with very few side effects. Though some patients do experience minor discomfort while the laser is being applied, it will not prohibit you from resuming your normal activities immediately after treatment. It’s also normal for the treatment area to be slightly red and warm after the procedure, though these effects will disappear very quickly. In general, most of our patients will experience visible improvement in the appearance of their veins after just one 30-minute treatment, with many requiring multiple sessions to completely clear the veins.

What to expect after your procedure

Although you’ll be able to resume your normal daily routine immediately after your leg vein clearance treatment, you will need to follow aftercare guidelines to ensure an optimal outcome. You should avoid hot baths and hot showers, as well as strenuous exercise, for at least two weeks to maintain your results and prevent any complications from occurring.

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Jane - Lead Medical Aesthetician at Scarpidis Aesthetics

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Benefits of leg vein clearance with the Icon Aesthetic System

Not too long ago, there was a time when removing veins meant undergoing surgery that often resulted in an unsightly scar. But thanks to the Icon Aesthetic System, those days are long gone. Today, we can use a powerful light to target blood vessels in the legs, encouraging the veins to disappear from view without a surgical procedure. In addition, the treatment comes with a number of appealing benefits for our New York patients, including:

  • The ability to improve the appearance of leg veins, spider veins, reticular veins and broken capillaries
  • A safe, simple and non-invasive way to treat leg veins
  • A quick treatment, lasting approximately 30 minutes
  • Minimal side effects and zero downtime

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If unsightly leg veins are harming your confidence and your look, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scarpidis today. During your private meeting in his New York office, he will carefully evaluate the leg veins and broken capillaries that concern you most, before outlining a customized treatment plan designed to eliminate them for good using the powerful Icon Aesthetic System.

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